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    OPTOMETRIC PHYSICIANS recommend that we have our eyes examined every 12-18 months.  They can diagnose eye disorders and diseases before you realize that you are having any eye symptoms.  For […]

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    COMPUTERS, especially desk top height monitors, are causing tremendous eye strain.  Because our eyes were designed for hunting and gathering, when looking straight ahead, trying to converge the eyes when […]

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    SUNGLASS PROTECTION is vital to protect your eyes from blinding eye diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts.  Most inexpensive UV(A) sunglasses on the market today, do NOT block out […]

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    ​DRY EYES have become a very common and serious problem.  Some Optometric Physicians have become specialized in treating this very uncomfortable “ocular surface disease”, with both hollistic and medical intervention.  […]

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    ​MACULAR DEGENERATION has become an eye disease of epidemic proportion.  It is a very serious blinding eye disease that can start very slowly.  Early intervention is now common practice to […]

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