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COMPUTERS, especially desk top height monitors, are causing tremendous eye strain.  Because our eyes were designed for hunting and gathering, when looking straight ahead, trying to converge the eyes when looking at a desk top height monitor is very stressful to the visual system.  This visual stress can cause headaches, red eyes, focusing and refocus problems, and worsening distance eyesight when your eyes try to refocus after prolonged looking at near.

Special computer lenses are now being designed and prescribed to alleviate this eye stress.

Today with all our computer technology, most of us use our eyes for many hours every day and the more we look at near point demands, such as smart phones, tablets, desk top and laptop computers, books, magazines etc., the more we can stress and damage our visual system.  Looking out a window for 20 seconds every 20 minutes (20/20 rule) helps to alleviate this constant strain on our eyes.